the way we

experience live music.

Living purely in the moment.

We are on a mission

to enhance and democratize

the future of live music

At Paarti, we believe the best live performances and events are more than music. They’re about connecting, sharing, finding joy in the moment — surrounded by the power and energy of all the people around us.

Active Experiences

With a platform designed for the passionate music community, Paarti events are always magic, engaging, and in-the-moment.

Creative Freedom

Easy-to-use tools feature expressive new ways for fans, artists and music insiders to connect and share their support.

Social Connections

A new creative medium for meeting up, sharing moments, and having chance encounters over the music you love. Because a party is nothing without people.

Cultural Innovation

With unique ways to engage audiences, elevate performances at both digital and in real life events, Paarti is poised to transform the industry and how we connect to music culture everywhere.

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